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Canon R5 Animal Eye Autofocus – Good or Gimmick?

I have used many camera’s over the years and nearly all have promised excellent autofocus for photography, even the Panasonic GH5’s autofocus is quick and accurate on slow moving subjects when using native lenses! but fast tracking forget it!

Then along came the Canon R5/6 with its quoted super fast animal eye autofocus.

So how good it is in real life or is it all just hype? well the answer is quite simple, its unbelievable!

Rather than just say that and not qualify it I set about doing a little test, lab test are one thing but a real world test on a subject we can all relate too is far better.

Meet Frankie! an 8 month old Border Collie!

Probably one of the happiest dogs you will meet, oh and one of the liveliest as well!!!

To try the autofocus we got Frankie’s favourite toy and threw it for him to chase.

I was armed with the Canon R5 using the Electronic shutter with animal eye tracking enabled, the drive mode was highspeed so that’s 20 FPS in CRAW.

To really see the focus system working at its best you need to use a super fast lens, there aren’t much better or faster lenses than the RF70-200 F2.8 so that’s what we used.

Then to make it as hard as possible the lens was set to 200mm at F2.8 so the depth of field was extremely shallow! (as you can see!)

Below is a set of 20 images (one second in real time).

Amazingly in this set of images only one image is a ‘little’ soft!!!!

Below is a full resolution image (45MP).

Click to view the 45MP Original file! (Large download)

This camera truly is outstanding at this kind of photography! If you are used to a DSLR and thinking about jumping to mirrorless you will not be disappointed, these new camera’s are phenomenal!

Camera Firmware Ver:1.5.1

General Music Shoots

Billy Pilgrim Video Released

Colour TV’s Official Music Video for Billy Pilgrim is scheduled for release at 10pm on Friday the 11th Feb.

Filmed on the 16th January 2022 at three locations in Cornwall.

A little bit of BTS filmed by the lads. Jack (lead Guitar) playing with my R5 on the Ronin… No i didn’t see him doing that!!!!

First stop was the beach! shot at Par Beach, filming started later than was planned which meant the sun was higher in the sky than I’d have liked but no big drama just a little less time to get this done. The sand was quite wet so we didn’t have much of an issue with it blowing around but the Gimbal was protected just in case.

James bursting into song!
Being a bit later and brighter we needed a diffuser on a couple of shots.

Sadly most of the footage from the beach didn’t make it into the final video.

The streets were shot in a small town called Lostwithiel, a charming little village, shot in the winter months meant the streets were empty making it easy to move around freely with out too much traffic.

Lastly the performance elements were shot in St Neot Hall, we needed to darken the room down and use a projector and smoke machine to add a little back lighting and depth.

I wanted the black background as a stark contrast to the other scenes, also to enable the dramatic strobe effect to motivate the video in the finale. The track has a dramatic ending, it needed the visuals to match!

Sean being engulfed with smoke just before the alarm went off!
Final look

The outdoor footage was shot on the Canon R5 in CLog3 using the DJI Ronin and various lenses.

The static performance elements were shot on a Panasonic GH5 in VLog-L using a Viltrox EF-M2 speed booster and Canon 24-105mm L lens.

Editing and grading was done using Adobe Premier Pro 2022 and exported in a 2.39:1 widescreen ratio.

Special thanks to:

Alistair at Event Services S.W Ltd for the smoke and haze machines.

Janet at the St Neot Institute for the Hall and the instructions on how to stop the fire alarm! ha ha